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Friday, May 31, 2013

Former Microsoft Man Steven Sinofsky Carries an HTC One

We see new things everyday in tech world but this is something different. Ex President of Windows Division in Microsoft says he has an HTC One and praised Google for producing an innovative operating system, Android. Steven left in November last year and has now openly announced that he owns an android device and not a windows phone.

During an interview today he was asked who is actually 'doing it right' now a days and he replied that 'the whole tech industry is delivering a ton of innovation.' But this was not the answer one was hoping so he was pressed a bit harder and how he reacted was pretty epic. He pulled out HTC One from his pocket and said, "We’re all HTC One users these days." He was then asked about Google and Android and he went on to say that "Android is great." Interesting?
Is there a chance we see Steven Sinofsky working for Google or HTC in the future? That would be a real game changer. How do you think this will affect windows devices? Let us know in the comments below.
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