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Thursday, May 30, 2013

HTC One 'Nexus Edition' is Now Official

We were expecting this. HTC One, the device having best build quality ever, has now stock android running. Google today announced the device saying it will be launched on 26th June on Google Play. Interestingly, Galaxy S4 Google Edition is also going on sale on 26th June but the difference is in the price. Galaxy S4 GE will cost $649 while HTC One GE will be launched with a price tag of $599. Good work regarding the price, HTC!

We have heard people in the past saying HTC Sense was the only thing that refrained them from buying an HTC phone of amazing build quality. HTC Sense has not been so good in the past but HTC Sense 5.0 is much better. But now Nexus Edition of HTC One provides pure android experience. It will be interesting to see if this will boost the sales for HTC. Let's hope it does.
Are you excited about this? Are you going to get it on 26th of the next month? Drop a comment below and let us know. 
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