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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Take On Google I/O 2013

One word: *disappointed*
Each year, for past few years, we see tons of new features and enhancements for Google’s mobile operating system in the annual developer-focused conference held by Google – dubbed Google I/O. This year, like each year, it was held in May. We were very excited as usual and were hoping for quite a few things.
·         New Version of Android
·         Revival of Nexus Q
·         New Nexus Phone/Tablet
·         Some new Hardware Sensor (like they introduced NFC)

  But to our disappointment, Google didn’t do much (at least not as much as before) to take Android to next level. There was no new version release, no new phone/tablet, nothing. Only a few little upgrades here and there. It’s not like there isn’t much to do. Have a look at the features Samsung and HTC are adding on to Android. Google could at least make them part of base Android so that
a) they’re available in phones for all Android vendors
b) individual vendors wouldn’t have to take so much time update to latest Android version.
Is this because of stepping down of Andy Rubin? Android was, after all, his brain child. Now that he is no more responsible for it and the guy heading Chrome (rival sibling) is in charge, do you think Android development will flourish the same as past?
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